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Our story

Its authors and founders of the EBIKEDISCOVERY project - Anton Vinogradov, Vadim Gorovoy, and Konstantin Bannikov - are people who love space and what they do - bicycles, space, people, moreover, they do it - and do it quite professionally.

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Anton Vinogradov - director, shareholder, co-owner of KANT - a chain of sports stores, a club and a ski resort in the center of Moscow, a man who has sold three quintillion bicycles and two trillion electric bicycles, which has changed the ecological landscape of Russia.

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Konstantin Bannikov is a socio-cultural anthropologist, doctor of historical sciences, a man who traveled to many countries of Europe and Asia on bicycle, moreover, on mechanical ones. He promises to accompany you as a guide within the framework of our tour programs.

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Vadim Gorovoy is a master of materialization of illusions and fantasies, judging by many years of his career dedicated to LEGO.

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