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Discover the Alps with eBikeDiscovery

We invite you to the Alps in Chamonix, ride along the beautiful paths along the unique routes on an electric bike, accompanied by a guide.


With no more effort than a regular city bike would require you, your mountain e-bike can climb where you never dreamed of getting.


With us, you can be sure of your maximum safety and comfort. We organize trips in small groups where we take care of every nuance from A to Z, including the modern mountain e-bikes.

Group of Mountain Bikers

History, culture, geography, philosophy in unique tours.

Why us?

We are eBikeDiscovery - a new type of travel agency, organizing the most interesting tours in the Alps for amateur cyclists

Unique routes including scenic, historical and cultural sites in the Alps.

Modern, comfortable mountain electric bicycles with a powerful motor and a capacious battery.

eBikeDiscovery will carefully think over the program and details of the trip, so that every minute of your stay with us will be spent with pleasure.

eBikeDiscovery takes care of all the details for you to ensure your vacation is flawless.

Thoughtful routes and a professional guide to make all eBikeDiscovery customers feel comfortable and safe.

About us

The ebike discovery project began with the fact that its three founders wanted to spend the weekend in an unusual and dynamic way - ride cool electric mountain bikes in unimaginable landscapes, learn, if possible, something new and interesting, while meeting the time not too long.


We met in Chamonix, in a place where the shining ice of Mont Blanc has been serving humanity as a metaphor and guideline for the purity of higher thoughts for centuries. But it turned out that even in Chamonix organizing an active and educational e-bike weekend is not an easy task. Today you can buy jams at the Chamonix Tourism Office, but you cannot get information on e-bike routes, but only the "ingenious" advice to hire a guide. A guide for big money does not know anything outside of his bike path and is not able to keep up a conversation on the simplest topics about the cultural characteristics of Chamonix. The bicycles, although they were of a well-known brand, turned out to be stuck in the trash, moreover, not fully charged. But it was obvious that we were faced with something great. Emotions overwhelmed us. And, without saying a word, over the evening beer, we started talking about how cool it would be to do such tours in the mind. In order not to waste time looking for random trash, so as not to spend money on the services of a little pleasant guide, in order to make the most of the space of geography and culture, the layers of which these mountains are simply saturated with.


This is how the idea of eBike Discovery was born, a project created by three cool dudes for their friends and people who are close to them in spirit.

So let's get to know each other ...



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