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Escaping the city for a day

Once I caught myself thinking that the days began to fly by quickly, like minutes. But, since then, as I was in this office, involved in our wildly interesting, profitable and promising project, weeks began to fly by just as rapidly. Days I have not noticed. Maybe for some, Friday night is a time for bars and flirting, but for me, weekends that were similar to each other were as equally dull. I fell on the sofa, turned on the iPad, fell asleep, woke up, stared at the monitor, fell asleep, woke up, poked the keys of the virtual keyboard, put the kettle on, and went to work. Work carried me away and exhausted my body to the last cell. I didn’t unload carriages or chop wood, but mental fatigue didn’t even allow me to even go to the gym, and the subscription to the best fitness club was gathering dust on the shelf, like a ticket for a plane that flew away without me.

On one of these dull weekends I came across a YouTube video that some people filmed about them riding electric mountain bikes in the Alps. It looked, in truth, fantastic. Grandiose peaks, stunning landscapes, and people riding bicycles on goat trails and passes as if they were taken there by helicopter for a photo shoot. It was simply beautiful and mesmerizing. And I fired up this idea - just try what it is. It was out of the question for me to go somewhere on a regular bike in my lost form. But the electric bike promised to return the lost feeling of the subject of three-dimensional space to the office plankton that spread on the sofa. The next weekend, a week later, I arrived in Chamonix. I approached the e-bike the way I should approach a horse - with respect and apprehension. And it is right. An employee of the rental office explained to me, and I had already read it myself, that one should not start in high power mode, especially in combination with a low gear. Gently made a circle, tried all modes. The device turned out to be as powerful as "user-friendly". He did not want to throw me off and lie to death, on the contrary, with all his mechanism he called for new impressions. And the impressions took place. On the first day, not knowing special trails and special routes, I just drove up the road, believing that if the battery runs out, returning back I will roll downhill. So I drove through Argentière, climbed the pass, and, seeing that the battery had not even thought to start discharging, went down to Vallorcine, then left for Switzerland, and went up to the picturesque town of Fau. Then back along the same road.

The impressions of movement are difficult to convey in words. No, of course you are driving yourself, and while pedalling, you make an effort, sometimes quite significant efforts on steep climbs. But, each pedal revolution turned into colossal productivity, and the next rise, which seemed insurmountable in appearance, required only a downshift and a switch to a more powerful engine mode.

За два дня е-байкинга в Шамони я избавился от синдрома хронической усталости, и провел неделю в офисе обновленным, притом, не только физически. Клетки мозга, напитавшиеся монбланским кислородом, уже не "блуждали в сумрачном лесу", а в едином логическом порыве легко находили оптимальные решения. Вот уж точно, в человеке все должно быть прекрасным - и тело, и мысли. Главное теперь эту, достигнутую путем е-байкинг-терапии, гармонию поддерживать. Поэтому, я знаю, где и как пройдут мои уикэнды последующих месяцев.

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