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at-4.15ea 2dice: You can also install ubuntu studio i need to make sure i can boot into root on the same HD Basically ubuntu studio is based on the vanilla ubuntu os with a bunch of studio apps pre-installed its just gnome with a bunch of extras, and a modified desktop, what can possibly go wrong? irishboxer, if you get an OS on a seperate partition you could just boot into that to repair grub its a part of the ubuntu design, the "second desktop" otherwise, can you hook it into the same OS? gnome is sweet! it doesn't matter if you partition it you can hook it up, and just dual boot I'm not the best with the command line, so I'm gonna PM you with some more suggestions for an OS yes but what if i did a bios reset and its still booting into the live CD? k Is there an easy way to change window manf part number to realtek part number (the new one)? no dual boot so... what OS are you currently using? It looks like it's missing from the driver, but if you go to the realtek site you can download it but it doesn't look like it actually works. daramic ubuntu um... so you're booting Ubuntu with the live CD? AMD-blah-blah yes okay, so go to your live boot bluebaron: you can do that in a terminal with sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter bluebaron, AMD? open a terminal so... you're booting Ubuntu with the live CD, right?




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